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Feb 5 By Edward Baker Tagged: BETT 2014

BETT 2014 Guest Review - Tes Macpherson, founder of Plan Social

Tes Macpherson, founder of Plan Social, tells us how talking to parents and schools early-on helped to evolve their social networking app for school parents.
BETT you can guess where we’ve been…
Last week the Plan Social team was at the biggest education technology conference in the UK. BETT2014 was teeming with 40,000 school teachers, school children and suppliers offering the latest technologies finding their way into classrooms across the globe. 

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Aug 23 By Edward Baker Tagged: Edtech, ISTE, Pitchfest

ISTE 2013 PitchFest!

Edmix hosts PitchFest - a competition pitching series, designed to support earlier stage edtech businesses and innovators by helping them to build industry profile and meet industry experts, investors and acquisitive larger edtech companies. Standout businesses win a fantastic set of prizes and entrants gets to meet some great new contacts. PitchFest is growing rapidly, with around seventy business submissions per event - demonstrating the buoyancy and excitement around edtech.


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