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Christmas Drinks - EdTech Investment Special! (US fund Skype-in!)



In the last 12 months the US venture capital industry has committed more than $800M to education technology investments, with many entrepreneurs, investors and industry observers predicting that education is one of the last remaining markets to benefit from next-generation technologies and disruptive innovations. If that’s the case

- What are the opportunities for entrepreneurs and technology companies in exciting space?

- What type of products and innovations appeal to educators, learners - and to investors?

- As a tech start-up or established IT business, how do you go about raising capital for your innovations and what makes an investable edtech venture?

- What’s involved in raising capital, and where should I look for funding?

edmix has invited some of the world’s leading education technology entrepreneurs and investors to give us a first-hand insight into the investment space, through the playful and thought-provoking:

The five Investments I wish I had made, and why!’

Our speakers will look at five investment successes in the consumer space and the fast growing education technology market, and compare the two spaces - key similarities and differences in each - giving you an fantastic insight into the highs and lows of starting up, raising seed and venture investment. Whether you are a games-based learning startup, video tutoring website, assessment tech company, mobile app developer or ‘learn to code’ startup, come and join what should be a fantastic evening.


1. Pearson

Pearson Education one of the worlds leading education companies, employing more than 36,000 education professionals worldwide.

Tom Hall is Pearson’s Head of Strategic Partnerships and regularly travels the world to speak with exciting new edtech partners, and meet farsighted founders. Tom will specifically look at the fast growing BRIC market and some innovations he has seen on his travels.

2. Leaf Investments

Leaf Investments is an early stage investor in learning technology businesses. Founded on the principle that emerging technologies present opportunities to create new learning solutions, we are looking to support entrepreneurs across the learning spectrum, both domestically and internationally.

Partner, Alan Maguire is a passionate education professional: a former Managing Director of ThirdForce UK & International - a leading learning technologies corporation formerly listed on both the UK & Ireland stock markets. Alan will be speaking about their new fund and investing in world-class teams and edtech ideas.

3. Educated Ventures LLC

Based in Chicago, Educated Ventures is a seed-stage education industry investment firm targeting initial investments of between $25,000 and $250,000.

Founder and CEO, Christopher Nyren is an edtech investment expert, having worked for one of the world’s largest education companies, Apollo Group (Chris was responsible for Apollo’s acquisition of BPP Holdings plc for $600M). Chris will be joining us via Adobe Connect, direct from Chicago, where he will help give us a world view on edtech and education investment.

4. Octopus Investments

Octopus Investments is one of the UK’s leading Venture Capital funds and are now actively exploring the edtech investment space. Luke is a Principal in the Ventures division of Octopus Investments, currently representing Octopus on the boards of a number of high technology start-ups in the Software, Semiconductor and Materials spaces.

Luke Hakes will introduce Octopus and explore why education technology is coming of age, and is now an investable opportunity for established Venture firms.

5. Technology Strategy Board: IC Tomorrow

edmix are proud to be supporting the UK governments’ Technology Strategy Board, IC Tomorrow competition, focusing on education technology innovation.

Competition Lead, Kriss Baird will be introducing the new IC Tomorrow competition and discussing the areas of edtech innovation they are looking for, outlining the competition award, and what to expect when the competition launches in early 2013.


All this -  followed by networking drinks.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


20th December 2012
British Computer Society, WC2E 7HA
Spaces Available:
5 taken, 115 left