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New Term - New Challenges in Education Technology




Schools back! And so is Edmix after a glorious summer break (and a tremendous Digital Summer Camp, with 3,500 schools and students descending upon Tech City!). 

Our next event on October 3rd focuses on the new school term, and new challenges in eduction technology - as identified by you, the edtech innovator and entrepreneur! 
We're hosting a demo session inviting edtech entrepreneurs to showcase their business and innovations, and to explore some of the challenges they faces in growing their business. 
If you run, or are part of an edtech company and interested in presenting your business - and crowd-sourcing your business challenges to a warm audience of 100+ investors, educators and fellow entrepreneurs - please drop us a line on:  
If you are starting up, or you run a successful business - come down and listen to the challenges others in the edtech community face when building a successful business.  
COMPANY ONE: Mathspace
Mathspace, launched in September 2013, has developed a series of algorithms that solve longstanding problems with online mathematics, enabling students to get step by step help and allowing teachers to see all the working out in real time. The Mathspace app uses handwriting recognition to digitise the steps.
The challenge is to promote Mathspace in a market dominated mainly by price led incumbents. CEO Tim Stirrup has worked over the past 10 years to build audience and participation rates in two educational initiatives. What is likely to work? What isn’t? And why are these barriers there in the first place?
MyLi launched in 2013 as a tool to help those in academia connect to quality sources of information, in as little as three clicks. Today teachers are swamped with so much work that the mere thought of learning how to use a new tool sounds likes its going to make your job far more hectic than it already is.  MyLi helps teachers and young readers to access ebooks through their mobile and desktop web browser. This is done in a way that can extend beyond the school boundaries into homes.    
The PTAsocial web app makes life easier for organisers and volunteers who raise funds for their school. It’s a simple way for the whole community to plan school events together online and get to know each other, without having to compromise their privacy.  Interactive volunteering means more people get involved, doing just a little but collectively making a big contribution.
Last year PTAsocial was piloted at several schools, where we faced various challenges in catering for the widely varied audience that makes up the parent body. Other difficulties we encountered were in reaching PTA committees, and getting decisions progressed by an (often) loose-knit group of people. We learned a lot through customer feedback, and used this to shape the customer experience, both of the website and within the app itself.
Edmix has moved location, and our monthly meetup will now happen inside Tech City at Hackney Community College! For those of you who don't know, Tech City is the area around Old St, Hoxton and Shoreditch, home to 1,300 tech companies - including many education technology companies and social enterprises. 
Edmix are proud to announce that BESA - the British Educational Supplier Association - are supporting Edmix and the UK edtech community! 
Please raise a glass courtesy of BESA and the great work they do - and consider joining their fantastic LaunchPad service for earlier-stage edtech companies:  
To find out more about LaunchPad, please contact:
Edmix are excited to announce that we're supporting a new TeachMeet Tech City group, hosted by Urban Teacher, Mark Martin (@urban_teacher!
TeachMeet is an organic movement of educators who are passionate about ICT and technology; Mark started this local group to reflect the exciting developments happening in education - and in Tech City.
Please note that TeachMeet does not allow non-educators to speak (to promote) their products: Edmix supports this, but believes that edtech entrepreneurs can learn a lot from listening to educators explore their ICT teaching practices and how they use their products.  
TeachMeet Tech City: 6pm - 7.15pm
Sponsored drinks break 
Edmix: 7.45pm - 9pm
Edmix are proud to announce that we're returning to The BETT Show in London - running a huge EDTECH PAVILION right by the main entrance, and below the BETT Arena! 
If you'd like to exhibit and reach 40,000 education professionals for a third of the price exhibiting normally (the smallest stand!), get in touch quickly, and we'll send you an info pack!
3rd October 2013
Lemon Tree Suite, Hackney Community College, N1 6HQ