About the team

edmix brings together an experienced team of freelance education professionals, education technologists and education event executives.

Edward Baker

Edward Baker

Edward runs edmix and is passionate about technology and it's application in the classroom. Edward has founded a number of edtech-focused businesses and well understands the importance of the educator in the development process, where the educator is the MVP - Most Valuable Player! (Not, Minimum Viable Product!).

Following his passion for education, Edward left his career as a television development executive, to launch Wordia.com (a living 'video dictionary', used by thousands of schools to bring subject Keywords to life) and went on to found Education Games Network, understanding how games-based learning and interactive video can empower, engage and help raise student attainment.

Gavin Dykes

Gavin Dykes

Gavin has a background in engineering and education. He has worked as a teacher in Further and Higher Education, in government as technology adviser to the Innovation Unit and leading international work for ICT in Schools. He is now an independent advisor to Ministries, technology companies and organizations focused on innovation, technology and learning.

Gavin's current roles include Programme Director for the Education World Forum, Senior Director of International Relations for the New Media Consortium in the US. He is a Fellow of Education Fast Forward and of Paris based Education Impact.

Andy Dean

Andy Dean

Andy has more than 20 years experience as a producer of experiential live events and interactive learning experiences. He has a keen awareness of communication methodologies, human psychology and innovative ways to immerse individuals in the learning process.

An early adopter of technology he is responsible for many highly successful events for clients including Toshiba Europe, Samsung Electronics, Microsoft, IBM, O2 and many Local Authorities. Currently he helps design and deliver highly focused meetings and events for edmix and is passionate about developing digital literacy in education and promoting digital entrepreneurs.

Education & Technology Volunteers!

If you'd like to collaborate with the edmix team, meet some of Europe's leading start-ups, tech companies and educators, help out at one of our monthly evening events, road shows or techmix day events, then please drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you!

We're hoping to hear from individuals who are excited about technology and the opportunity for innovation in the digital classroom! If that's you, drop us a line with your CV.

It's an exciting time to be thinking about technology and learning. Get in touch here: volunteer@edmix.com

Partner With edmix!

We'd love to hear from any individuals who would be interested in joining the edmix family and running a monthly edmixer event in their hometown (building their own community of passionate educators and entrepreneurs that meet monthly).

If that's you, please do drop us a line as we're now building the edmix website so that you can create a local monthly event, use the edmix website for free - connecting with a larger international audience that share your passion for education, technology and enterprise.

Drop us a line on: myevent@edmix.com

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